June 2023 Europe GreenCube roving

Activity : 12 to 26 June 2023
Type : Satellite GreenCube (also QO-100 from JN24 only)
Grids activated : 12
DXCC activated : 3
QSOs : 322 QSOS on GreenCube + 178 on QO-100


3000+ km roving (APRS with Anytone & 1/4 wl antenna)

3000+ km roving

Because of my professional activity, I was in Europe for 3 weeks and it was therefore an opportunity to activate grids never activated before on the GreenCube satellite. Unfortunately, the day of my arrival, June 2, I realized that the digipeater was stopped. It started really badly for the activation of all the grids in the North-East of France. And so I crossed 6 grids never active without ever being able to be present.

A few days later, arrived in Provence and GreenCube repaired, I was able to activate JN23 and JN24 several times for a total of 53 qsos. I was also able to make 24 qsos from JN34 on a very nice passage.

As in 2022, I had the pleasure of being invited to be an animator of the REF stand (French office) during the 2023 edition of Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen. I thank here again the leaders of the REF and my friend Jean-Luc FULQ.


Then on June 20, it is the beginning of my journey towards the largest amateur radio gathering in Europe. So I took the opportunity to make a passage on the JN25, JN35 line. I had spotted a perfectly clear place in a ski resort with the excellent application www.heywhatsthat.com. Arrived on the spot, I find myself unable to access it. I have less than an hour to find a solution. Moment of stress but I ended up finding a piece of parking in a housing estate exactly on the line and well cleared. I deploy the antenna and I see a neighbor arrive…. Who after discussion leaves me alone… Phew… 27 qsos in my logbook!

But the day is not over, the objective is also to activate JN26 and JN36 on the next pass at the next pass 4 hours later. The planned site is also not possible to activate, what a day! I have to find a new site and I end up in a field with the rental car. I’m driving carefully but the path is really not suitable for a sedan car but I’m on the line with 19 qsos.

On the 21st, the road trip continues and the day is very busy. First GreenCube passage in JN26 and crossing of Switzerland to be in place 8 hours later at 400km. I realize 44 qsos since JN26, great passage!

After a long journey through Switzerland, I stop in Luzern, I eat and take a shower and it’s already time to activate a new grid on GreenCube: JN46. I spotted a good site even if I’m a little annoyed by a mountain in the distance (Le Pilatus). Arrived on the spot, the neighbors look at me askance. I greet them and set up my station. After a difficult start I chained the qsos. I’m at 11 when the neighbors call out to me and ask me to get out. I try to explain to them that I’m not here long and that I’m not doing anything wrong but nothing helps. When they start threatening me to call the police, I decide to put everything away and run: For the salon in Friedrichshafen I have a few liters of rum in the trunk of my car. Now is not the time to have problems πŸ™‚Image

I’m sick of it, it’s only the second time in 8 years that I’ve been fired during a satellite activation but I’m not going to give up like that. I spend almost 3 hours looking for a new site for the next day but nothing is convincing. Always this cursed mountain in the North/West which blocks my view, holy Pilatus! I return to my hotel disappointed and I come across a tweet from Michael who answers me:

Thanks again Michael!It should be enough 😝🀣 Anybody at 13000km or more than HB9?


There is indeed a train that can take me to the top, my ticket is reserved within a minute.


But not everything will go as planned. The digipeater is at 300 baud at AOS. I beg S5lab to reactivate the digipeater in 1200 baud and the miracle happens, thanks to the team for this incredible satellite! In the end I made 18 qsos despite this start and incredible conditions with a hundred people coming to the top to admire the incredible view from this summit. If you are in the area, do not hesitate to visit it and bring your radio setup. I also need JN46 on satellite and it’s clearly the best spot!


Just after the passage, I go to Germany, this weekend it’s a great moment of conviviality and meet friends from all over the world and a lot of Amsat friends!


Then on Sunday it’s time to return. But due to the impossibility of activating new grids at the beginning of the month, I want to take my revenge. Offset plane ticket and off we go for 2 intense days.
First step, JN38 at the request of several buddies even if already activated by pal John DK9JC. It thus gives me the opportunity to use DL/FG8OJ but I had forgotten that it was Sunday, the digipeater is saturated, only 11 qsos from the banks of the Rhine.

Image4 hours later, I must be in D27, D28 unfortunately the digipeater is even more saturated. 4 qsos only. The site is not amazing and new luck the next morning: 30 qsos is much better πŸ™‚

Now direction line JN19,JN29. I spotted a brilliant site in the middle of the Champagne vineyards. I am very stressed because I tell myself that we should not necessarily be able to park on this site. I arrive on site and it is the harvest. Vehicles circulate in all directions, I will come back for discretion πŸ™‚

I sit down and a huge pickup, it’s the owner of the place who asks me what I’m doing there. He finds it cool and asks me for information because he can’t communicate with his teams with his radios a few kilometers away and I explain to him that we make contacts several thousand kilometers away by satellite. He begs me to give him my contact details so that I can advise him, it’s nice to find civilized people πŸ™‚ I realize 36 qsos for my last activation in Europe.

My Setup :

– Icom IC-705
– Lenovo computer running Linux with a Virtualbox VM with PstRotator + Greencube modem/client
– Alaskan Arrow antenna + tripod + 3 printed support
– SSPA + LNA Microset VUR30
– 2 x LifePO Bioenno Power 12V 3Ah for Microset

  • FG8OJ
  • Bertrand "Burt" FG8OJ is an amateur radio who has been passionate about radio for almost 40 years. I like all activities: tweaking my station, making antennas, doing DX on HF, doing satellite and EME. I also love participating in HF contests or in Europe in VHF/UHF. Everything excites me.

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